How to Stay Motivated During a Pandemic



COVID-19 has placed some interesting restrictions on our daily lives and you may have found yourself wearing the same pajamas for the 3rd day in a row. Don’t worry – we’re not judging! It’s times like these where we might be really motivated to workout and focus on our bodies in the initial phases, but as time goes on we find that our motivation is gone. I’ve outlined some key steps that you should take to maintain motivation so that you can achieve your goals!

1. Pace Yourself 
When we first start exercising, we can clearly visualize completing our goal. This is the exact thing you need, however, you need to be cautious about burnout. If someone were to start running 5 miles a day after never walking more than 10 min at a time, I would recommend they start by jogging 10 minutes at first instead. Pacing yourself allows your body to adjust and it provides us with the satisfaction of completing the mini goals we set along the way. Rome wasn’t completed in a day and most of your goals won’t be either. 

2. Find Joy in the Little Changes 
“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Danny Matta.  I heard this quote and it hit me like a sack of potatoes. At that time in my life, I was focused on what everyone else was doing and not cherishing the small victories I was making along the way. You don’t know someone else’s situation so don’t compare yourself to what they’re accomplishing. Focus on the small victories along the way towards your goal. These small moments will create an even sweeter satisfaction when you accomplish the big goal!

3. Have an Outlet 
Everyone – I repeat – everyone needs an outlet from what they’re primarily focused on. You need to be able to find joy in other things to reduce losing motivation on the task at hand. Mix up your activity and give yourself a break from the same routine so that you can keep yourself focused! 

4. Find an Accountability Partner 
Crossfit, Burn Boot Camp, F3, Orange Theory – what do they all have in common? They create an accountability group where members hold each other accountable for their actions. When you’re working towards a goal, find someone who has similar interests and ask them to keep you accountable. If you can’t think of anyone, use us! Your goals are our goals and nothing makes us happier at Bull City PT than when our patients achieve success. Our Bull City 360 program is the perfect accountability program that allows your physical therapist to safely progress you towards your goals! 

– Dr. Colten Sullivan
Bull City Physical Therapy 

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