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Myofascial Release is a specialized hands-on therapy designed to alleviate pain and restore motion by targeting the fascia—the connective tissue surrounding muscles. At Bull City PT, we embrace this gentle yet effective technique to treat a range of conditions, from chronic pain syndromes to acute injuries, and combine it with a traditional deep tissue massage. Our expert therapists apply sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions, unraveling tension and allowing your body to return to its natural, pain-free state.

This therapy is particularly beneficial for those experiencing persistent pain, limited flexibility, or those in recovery from physical traumas. Myofascial Release goes beyond traditional massage, focusing on releasing fascial constrictions to enhance circulation, promote relaxation, and facilitate healing. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve performance, or someone seeking relief from the discomforts of daily life, our Myofascial Release services are tailored to meet your individual needs, guiding you toward holistic health and improved quality of life.

Symptoms Indicative of Myofascial Restrictions and massage:

  • Persistent pain and soreness in muscles and joints
  • Reduced range of motion and stiffness
  • Sensations of tightness or areas of “knots”
  • Postural imbalances and muscular tension
  • Recurring injuries or prolonged recovery from trauma

Symptoms Indicative of Myofascial RWhy Consider Myofascial Release Therapy?estrictions and massage:

  • Seeking relief from chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia or back pain
  • Looking to enhance flexibility and mobility
  • Recovering from sports injuries or surgical procedures
  • Desiring a holistic approach to tension and stress relief

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FAQ about Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage

Myofascial Release focuses on gentle, sustained pressure, making it a generally comfortable and soothing experience. Some areas of deeper restriction may cause temporary discomfort, which quickly subsides as the fascia releases.

Unlike traditional massage techniques that primarily focus on muscles, Myofascial Release targets the fascia to address the root cause of pain and restriction, offering long-lasting relief and restoration.

Deep tissue massage is performed in combination with other manual therapy techniques. Most injuries can benefit from manual therapy, however, your physical therapist uses these approaches in combination with other techniques to address your pain with the highest level of evidence-based research. Typically, deep tissue massage will be about an 8-15 minutes of your total visit.

Improvements can often be felt after just one session, with cumulative benefits observed over a series of treatments. The exact number of sessions varies based on individual needs and conditions.

Absolutely. By releasing fascial restrictions, Myofascial Release can help correct postural imbalances, leading to improved alignment and reduced strain on the body.

Soft tissue massage can be referred to as a passive treatment. These passive treatments have been shown to have poor evidence in treating most injuries. A combination of massage and exercise is considered the gold standard in treating your ailments. At Bull City PT, we utilize exercise and massage to treat the root causes of your pain.


Bull City Physical Therapy has restored my faith in PT! They are the top PT clinic in the area. With each treatment session I feel better and I’m able to get back to my activity faster than any other clinic I’ve been to”

– Shyler


I highly recommend Bull City Physical Therapy, and Tim! I couldn’t be more impressed with the level of care, expertise and professionalism. Tim tailors each treatment plan and not only will you see significant improvement in your physical health, but you will also feel supported and encouraged every step of the way!

– Alexis


I could not recommend Tim and Bull City PT enough. The amount of care, preparation, and attention to detail that is provided here is amazing. Tim has helped me so much in my recovery from ACL Reconstruction and I look forward to every appointment. BEST PHYSICAL THERAPY IN TOWN!

– Tyler

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