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Elevate Your Running Performance and Safety

Optimize Your Run with Expert Analysis

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a casual jogger, efficient running mechanics are key to enhancing performance and preventing injuries. At Bull City PT, our specialized Running Analysis service is designed to refine and optimize your running form. By combining state-of-the-art technology with expert biomechanical knowledge, we provide personalized insights that lead to improved efficiency, speed, and endurance, all while reducing your risk of injury.

Running Analysis goes beyond simple observation. It delves into the intricacies of your stride, identifying suboptimal patterns that could be slowing you down or putting you at risk. Our comprehensive approach evaluates everything from foot strike and cadence to hip alignment and overall posture. Armed with this data, our physical therapists develop tailored strategies to strengthen your form, enhance your performance, and safeguard your body against the common pitfalls of running.

Symptoms That Benefit from Running Analysis:

  • Recurrent injuries or persistent pain while running
  • Plateaus in running performance or speed
  • Inefficiencies in running form or technique
  • Discomfort in joints or muscles during post-run
  • Difficulty in achieving running goals despite regular training

Common Issues Addressed by Running Analysis:

  • Overpronation or underpronation
  • Imbalances in muscle strength or flexibility
  • Inadequate core stability affecting running posture
  • Inefficient stride patterns or foot strikes
  • Poor running economy leading to excessive energy expenditure

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FAQ about Running Analysis

Runners of all levels, from beginners to elite athletes, can benefit from a Running Analysis to improve performance and efficiency and to prevent injuries.

A session typically involves video analysis of your running on a treadmill, followed by a comprehensive biomechanical assessment. Based on the findings, personalized recommendations and exercises are provided.

A typical Running Analysis session lasts about 30-45 minutes, including the assessment, analysis, and discussion of the findings.

Many recommendations can be integrated into your existing training regimen, with some changes noticeable almost immediately. Others may require consistent practice and adaptation over time.


Bull City Physical Therapy has restored my faith in PT! They are the top PT clinic in the area. With each treatment session I feel better and I’m able to get back to my activity faster than any other clinic I’ve been to”

– Shyler


I highly recommend Bull City Physical Therapy, and Tim! I couldn’t be more impressed with the level of care, expertise and professionalism. Tim tailors each treatment plan and not only will you see significant improvement in your physical health, but you will also feel supported and encouraged every step of the way!

– Alexis


I could not recommend Tim and Bull City PT enough. The amount of care, preparation, and attention to detail that is provided here is amazing. Tim has helped me so much in my recovery from ACL Reconstruction and I look forward to every appointment. BEST PHYSICAL THERAPY IN TOWN!

– Tyler

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